AEV Continues to Grow Sales Channel Partners + Product Line in Q2

AEV to Exhibit at National Association of Fleet Administrators Show

We’re exhibiting at the 2018 National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) show in Anaheim, CA to showcase our 411 Utility Truck. We will have two 411s in our Booth #780—one pickup and one cargo box version. Over 1,000 fleet managers, administrators, and directors will attend the two-day expo with over 250 exhibitors inside the Anaheim Convention Center.

Typical NAFA attendees profile:
> 4 out of 5 have purchasing power
> Average annual budget for vehicle acquisitions is between $1 and $5 million

We anticipate a tremendous response to the AEV 411 Utility for Last Mile delivery, facilities operations, campus management and maintenance markets.

Kyrish Truck Centers Joins AEV Dealer Team

Houston, TX-based Kyrish Truck Centers joined forces with us to offer the AEV 411 and 511 trucks to their fleet customers across the massive Texas market. Kyrish Truck Centers has over 40 years of experience in Heavy- and Medium-Duty truck sales and service. In addition to 411 sales, Kyrish Truck Centers will also offer leasing and rental programs with AEV trucks, based on availability and options.

The Caribbean market is an ideal opportunity for electric worktrucks like the AEV 411 Utility and upcoming AEV 511 4×4. The all-electric AEV trucks enable municipalities, businesses and resorts to experience low operating costs, robust range and large payload capabilities. Whether the need is deliveries, maintenance or service, the AEV trucks have all of the bases covered. Additionally, the AEV 311 Commuter is already garnering a huge amount of interest from destination resorts and hotels for guest rentals to explore the beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

“We at Kyrish Truck Centers are excited about our partnership with AEV Technologies and their lineup of cost-effective electric trucks,” said Jeff Kyrish, General Director of Kyrish Truck Centers. “Our experience in the professional fleet markets is an excellent match for the AEV vehicles. We anticipate excellent response from our customers as we introduce the electric AEV trucks and vehicles. The quality, connectivity, and sustainability of the AEV vehicles are a tremendous opportunity for our clients seeking new cost-effective, clean energy alternatives.”

311 Commuter Launch

As April unfolds, the remarkable and versatile AEV 311 Commuter starts to come off the line. First up, our partnership with Mama Fu’s and Austin’s Pizza commands the initial 311s that will be customized to include rear “hot boxes” for neighborhood food deliveries.

With front-wheel drive and a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), the AEV 311 is an excellent option for consumers and delivery fleets where time is of the essence. The striking visual design of the 311 is a rolling canvas for company branding initiatives. Wherever the 311 goes, a crowd is sure to gather and its zero gas emissions are a huge win for the environment and PR for companies like Mama Fu’s and Austin’s Pizza.