AEV Technologies, Inc. is an emerging leader in the world of electric vehicles based in Round Rock, TX. Backed by a solid Board of Directors and C-level experienced management, AEV continues to grow. Our company draws upon the real-world EV company background that has built and expanded companies from founding to prototype to production and distribution.

It’s one thing to have a great idea. It’s another thing entirely to have the experience to take that idea to market. Many companies plateau with the initial “great idea” but struggle with scaling that concept into production and beyond. AEV’s team has done it all before, so we think we’re well-suited to become a dominant player in electric vehicles. As we grow, so do the opportunities for our investors.

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October 2018
AEV Continues Growth in Q4 2018
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July 2018
AEV Launches 311 Commuter Vehicle
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May 2018
AEV Continues to Expand Dealer Network
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April 2018
AEV Continues to Grow Sales Channel Partners + Product Line in Q2
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March 2018
AEV Grows Global Dealer and Distribution Network
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January 2018
AEV Premieres New Line at CES in Las Vegas
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